Richard King Receives the Bresnahan Standards Medal

Richard King Photo_resized

The recipient of the 6th annual Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal is Richard King, CSP. King, senior vice president at Black & Veatch and Chair of the ANSI A10 Accredited Standards Committee for Construction & Demolition Operations, was awarded the 2013 Bresnahan Standards Medal from ASSE’s Council on Practices and Standards for his outstanding contributions to ASSE and the A10 ASC.

Since the summer of 2000, he has overseen nearly 50 subcommittees and played a critical role in the development, revision or reaffirmation of dozens of A10 standards. In addition to his role on the Committee, King acted as the primary spokesperson to defend both ASSE and the A10 Standard Committee when the A10.40 standard was facing multiple challenges and appeals.

Today, he continues to support ASSE, the Society and the A10 ASC  by assisting with technical articles, providing interviews, source materials and  press statements, and by frequently presenting at ASSE’s Professional Development Conferences and at the international level for ASSE/IOSH InterConstruct events.