Seabrook Presents President’s Award

At Safety 2014, 2013-14 ASSE President Kathy A. Seabrook presented the President’s Award to deserving professionals for their exceptional service and great dedication to safety during her presidential term.  The President’s Award recipients are:

HusainMohammad A. Husain
EQUATE Petrochemical Co.
President and CEO





Nick Yin, CSP, CIH
Warner International Inc.




Student Strategy Task Force
Donald Jackson – Cochair
C. Christopher Patton, CSP – Cochair
Michael Belcher, CSP
Hamid Fonooni, Ph.D., CPE
Brad D. Giles, P.E., CSP
Christopher A. Janicak, Ph.D., CSP, ARM
Laynnea J. Jones, ASP
Todd W. Loushine, P.E., CSP, CIH
Michael F. O’Toole, Ph.D.
Aaron P. Sulava