September Virtual Classroom Events

This month, ASSE’s Virtual Classroom is offering three webinars for learning and growth:Сергей Хакимуллин

Just Culture & Safety Methodologies
This webinar will cover the application of James Reason’s Just Culture model, arguing that any behavioral or culture change process should have the model as a central pillar, since it is the most useful model for facilitating a truly objective analysis as to why a behavior or event has occurred.

Episode 2. Focusing on Serious Injuries and Fatalities
Most safety leaders realize that reducing recordable injuries does not itself lead to serious and fatal injury (SIF) reduction. However, the implications of that reality are not obvious to all. Many learn and accept the idea that reducing smaller injuries was the pathway to reducing all injuries. Where does this thinking go wrong? Does reducing SIF’s lead to reducing recordable injuries? How are leading organizations approaching the reduction of SIF’s? Watch a guest panel video discussion and ask your own questions during the live Q&A.

My Workforce is Aging: How Do I Combat the Potential Employee Injuries & Loss of Knowledge & Loyalty?
Cynthia Roth, CEO of Ergonomic Technologies Corp., and Angela Banerjee, director of loss control with insurance carrier Acuity, will lead a holistic discussion that will help prepare you for the potential risks. Using data gleaned from Acuity, the presenters will quantify the aging workforce and discuss workers’ compensation claims attributed to them.

Roth and Banerjee will also explore physical and cognitive changes and how they affect injury risks. They will share strategies for addressing and compensating for those challenges. Finally, they will share strategies for preserving and sharing the knowledge and loyalty of aging workers before they leave the organization.

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