Share Your Thoughts: How Do You Engage With Business Leaders?

This year, Professional Safety began a new column called Business Class, which offers OSH professionals tools for gaining traction with business leaders. In the March 2018 issue article, “The Business Value of a Common Safety Language,” author Peter T. Susca discusses the need for OSH professionals to recognize that safety language is often foreign to the business world and that to communicate effectively everyone must have a clear understanding of the terms used.

Click here to read the March 2018 article, “The Business Value of a Common Safety Language.”

The article outlines several ways to improve the foundation of an organization’s safety conversations and decisions. For example, Susca urges OSH professionals to coach their organizations “to make better business decisions with safety in mind, rather than just safety decisions.” While asking, “What is the business value of this hazard?” may sound like an odd question, he says, it forces the organization to evaluate a hazard’s value in business terms. If the business cannot prove the hazard’s value with data and there is a better way to succeed at business factors while reducing the hazard, then implementing a change to the process may make business sense.

As an OSH professional, how do you engage with your company’s business leaders? What ways have you used to improve safety conversations? What were the outcomes? Share your thoughts in the form below.

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Share Your Thoughts: How Do You Engage With Business Leaders?


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