SH&E Generations: James Wilson, Jr.

GenerationsWe are always looking for ASSE members to share their stories of following a parent into the SH&E profession or having a son or daughter follow in their footsteps of spreading the safety message. Submit your story and once it is published in an issue of Society Update, it will be included in the “SH&E Generations” archive page, found at the top of every Society Update issue.

Here’s the story of James T. Wilson Jr., CSP, CIH, a professional member of ASSE’s East Texas Chapter.

EASTMAN_u887212_LThumb[1]DSCF4038[1].jpgMy daughter, Cassie Johnson, and I are both in the business of safety. What we do protects and helps people each day. It is exciting to get a call from Cassie asking me a professional question and even more exciting to ask her for information that I don’t have. She is employed at a U.S. Department of Defense facility as a business continuity specialist, having previously provided emergency planning for Federal Bureau of Investigation and Federal Emergency Regulatory Commission.  She won the first Business Continuity Personality of the Year Award, making her father very proud.

James Wilson works in industrial hygiene for Eastman Chemical Co. in Longview, TX.