SH&E Generations: Ron Gantt

We are always welcoming ASSE members to share their stories of following a parent into the SH&E profession or having a son or daughter follow in their footsteps of spreading the safety message. Here’s the story of Ron Gantt, CSP, ARM, CET, a professional member of ASSE’s San Francisco Chapter.

PaulandRon.jpg I wanted to share the story of my father and myself. Twenty-two years ago, after retiring as a fire chief, my father, Paul Gantt, started an occupational safety and health consulting and training company while I was still in middle school. As my father grew his business, I, like many other sons, had a natural aversion to the whole thing. I always swore I’d never join the company. However, life intervened, and after some failed tries at other careers I came to my father looking for an entry-level job to hold me over for a while. My father was thrilled, but I still wasn’t convinced, always keeping an eye out for other opportunities. However, my father encouraged me to finish a degree in occupational safety and health, and I got a few certifications.

After a few years at the company, my father’s passion started to win me over. With his help, I’ve earned my CSP and my ARM. Now, in addition to working together, we meet regularly to talk about safety, trying to understand the topic in a deeper way so that we can better serve our clients. Having spoken at ASSE’s annual Professional Development Conference for several years, my father copresented with me at Safety 2011 and since then we’ve spoken together at other conferences and seminars. Last year, we signed up for a Master of Engineering program in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management and are working through that together. Working with family doesn’t work for everyone, but in our situation we challenge each other and encourage each other’s passion for safety.

Ron is vice president of operations for Safety Compliance Management Inc.