Sneak Peek of Safety 2014

Safety-2014-255x125Join more than 4,500 safety professionals June 8-11 in Orlando, FL, for ASSE’s largest event of the year—Safety 2014. Attendees can participate in important discussions, and learn about emerging trends and best practices. Industry experts will lead more than 250 targeted sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to develop necessary skills to advance their careers. Attendees can select courses based on their interests and experience level. Below is a sampling of sessions available.

526 | Social Media & Safety Professionals: Get in the Game
Social media has become an integral part of organizational strategy. According to Pamela Walaski, regional manager of EHS services for Compliance Management International, social media is widely accepted as a strategic means of communication for organizations, both internally and externally. Walaski will discuss how SH&E professionals can utilize social media in their own facilities and how it symbolizes a significant opportunity to increase an organization’s value through the use of technology.

565 | Slips & Falls & Our Aging Population
Older workers are terrific assets to any organization, but while they offer years of experience inherent risks associated with this population exist. To mitigate these risks, SH&E professionals must redirect their attention managing the controllable risk factors associated with older workers. This session raises awareness and provides solutions that will focus on falls, the second leading cause of injury-related death for people 65 to 84 years old. Learn the driving forces behind slips and falls with our aging population and how to manage the controllable factors.

692 | Wind Turbine Safety & Loss Prevention
Wind turbines offer a source of alternative energy, but they present unique risks. Craig Bierl, assistant vice president and senior energy specialist for Chubb Group, will provide an overview of wind farm development and operations related to the safety of workers and neighboring communities. Learn about the hazards associated with wind turbines, such as falls from height, confined space issues, fires and blade failure. Bierl will stress the importance of prevention, proper lockout/tagout and having medical and first-aid-trained workers on site during maintenance.

656 | How Does Obesity Impact Safety in the Workplace?
According to Fred Kohanna, obesity affects worker safety and health in every industry and increases workers’ compensation costs. Currently, more than one-third of the U.S. population is considered obese, leading to adverse health effects and increased workplace risks. Kohanna will discuss this growing epidemic in the U.S. and its effect on workplace safety. He will introduce seven areas in which obesity statistically increases worker risks and will discuss prevention strategies.

775 | Using Mobile Technology for Safety & Health
As mobile devices become more advanced and accessible there is a greater opportunity to leverage this technology to improve occupational safety and health. Learn how to utilize skills that you already have to turn your device into a powerful safety tool. Steven DiPilla, director of research and development at ESIS Health, Safety & Environmental, and John Ingram, vice president of global risk control services at ESIS Health, Safety & Environmental, will discuss general principles and guidelines of mobile technology, and the many specific tools and apps that can be used to perform safety training, assessment and other job functions.

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In addition to hundreds of educational workshops, Safety 2014 offers an abundance of networking opportunities. Registered attendees can take advantage of key-issues roundtables, conference luncheons and technical tours. In addition to returning favorites, PDC has some a few new features to offer, including a specialized learning track for Spanish-speaking attendees, a night out hosted by ASSE’s Central Florida Chapter, the preconference WISE Retreat and daily Wellness Walks.

Be sure to check out the Safety 2014 website to see what else ASSE has to offer.