Society Elections: Voting Now Open

“Workers around the world are counting on us,” Tom Cecich, CSP, CIH, ASSE’s 2016-17 president wrote in his first President’s Message for Professional Safety in July 2016. As workers continue to count on OSH professionals, ASSE is once again counting on its members to vote in this year’s Society elections.

Voting for the 2017 elections begins March 1 and ends March 31. Results will be announced in April 2017. ASSE members will elect the following positions this year:

  • senior vice president;
  • director-at-large;
  • vice president, professional affairs;
  • vice president, region affairs.

Members in select regions, practice specialties and common interest groups will also elect regional vice presidents, area directors and assistant administrators.

Additionally, open positions remain for this year’s elections. Volunteering with ASSE not only supports and advances the organization, but also gives you an opportunity to grow your network, access professional development opportunities, and gain insights to trends and innovations in the field. Visit the Society’s election page for more information.

Elected candidates will become influential leaders within the Society and, in turn, in the OSH profession, so it is integral to get to know the candidates before casting your vote. Voting opened today and continues through March 31.

Senior Vice President

The senior vice president chairs the Congress of Councils and oversees the functions of the council vice presidents. The elected senior vice president automatically succeeds to the offices of president-elect and president.

As president-elect, this individual will chair the Public Director Nominations Committee, assist the president and act for the president as needed.

As ASSE president, this leader will promote the advancement of the Society and the OSH profession. S/he will be the chief executive officer and official representative of ASSE to members, other relevant professional societies as well as various governmental agencies. The president is the presiding officer and chair of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and House of Delegates. ASSE’s president also writes a monthly President’s Message that is published in Professional Safety.


ASSE’s directors-at-large are responsible for carrying out duties assigned by the Board of Directors.

Vice President, Professional Affairs

The vice president, professional affairs oversees the Council on Professional Affairs, which is responsible for developing and implementing programs to provide leadership for the safety profession.

Vice President, Region Affairs

The vice president, region affairs chairs the Council on Region Affairs, which is responsible for providing leadership to members, regions, areas, chapters and sections.

Regional Vice Presidents

Regional vice presidents provide leadership, assistance and consultation to area directors and chapter presidents within their respective regions. Regional vice presidents chair the Regional Operating Committee and supervise the functions of chapter presidents, area directors, deputy regional vice presidents and assistant regional vice presidents. Candidates for ASSE’s regional vice president offices are selected by their respective nominating committees.

Practice Specialty/Common Interest Group Assistant Administrators

Practice specialty and common interest group (CIG) assistant administrators provide leadership and support to their respective practice specialties/CIGs. After serving a 2-year term, assistant administrators automatically succeed to the administrator position. Administrators chair their respective practice specialty/CIG and represent members on the Council on Practices and Standards.

The elected officers will begin their terms July 1, 2017. To learn about the members elected to fill leadership positions last year, check out the 2016 election results.