Society’s Proposed Name & Logo Change: Talk to Your Delegate

Last month, the Society introduced proposed changes to its name and logo.

In his May 2017 message, 2016-17 ASSE President Tom Cecich, CSP, CIH, offers background on the process—how the organization got here and why it is considering these changes.

“Change is difficult, so it is often easier to defer difficult decisions to future leaders,” Cecich says. “However, there comes a time when we need to gather and analyze member preferences, then make data-driven decisions. That is where we are today.”

Be sure to visit the microsite dedicated to the proposed changes to learn about the research that led to these recommendations. You’ll find a link to help you contact your community delegate to share your thoughts about the proposed changes.

Next month, the recommendations will go before the elected member representatives at the House of Delegates (HOD) as motions to change the name and logo. If the HOD approves the name change motion, all members will be asked to vote on that change as well.

“I think it is the right time for a change,” Cecich says, “but in the end we will make the decision for our Society together.”