SPALW Against Falls Campaign Advocates Fall Prevention Training

During May 2013, Safety Professionals and the Latino Workforce (SPALW), an ASSE common interest group, launched the “SPALW Against Falls” campaign to raise awareness among employers and Spanish-speaking workers about the hazards of falls and the importance of workplace fall prevention. Tying into the OSHA fall prevention initiative, the SPALW campaign encouraged organizations that work with Spanish-speaking workers to participate in fall prevention awareness training.

“SPALW Against Falls aims to reduce the high incidence of injuries and deaths among the Latino workforce due to falls in the workplace. Because of language barriers, literacy and other limitations, these workers are often hard to reach through traditional communication methods,” says SPALW Vice-Chair Mark Hernandez. “That is why it is so critical to effectively train them.”

The fall prevention message will continue at Safety 2013, where the International Society for Fall Prevention will hold a symposium that brings together world-renowned fall protection experts. Attendees will discuss and learn about current tools and methods for controlling and eliminating fall hazards.