Talking Social: Using Twitter During a Conference

Twitter is a great networking tool in the safety community. Safety professionals can use it to engage with events, follow the latest news in their industry or have conversations with peer in their industry. Overall, it is a fantastic way to connect with the safety industry at large.

Here are some tips about how to maximize Twitter during a conference.

Social media Is About Relationships
Social media is ultimately about making connections and interacting with people in your network. Worry less about making sure you are sharing the right thing; instead, consider what you find valuable. Ultimately, you decide what you follow and share. Post and share what you believe is valuable. Most of the time, you will be correct.

Provide a perspective that only you can offer. Here are some suggestions on what makes a good post.

  • Pictures taken from the floor
  • Anecdotes/information you find helpful from a session
  • Speeches
  • Anything unusual or in the moment

If you see people tweeting about an event that you are attending, try to meet these individuals and share your thoughts. You can engage with speakers online as well as in person. This is a great networking opportunity and way to join and foster community.

Hashtags are used to track topics and events across platforms. Twitter is the best place to use them. For example, check out ASSE’s Safety 2017 hashtag by searching for #Safety2017. There, you can see many of the posts from this year’s conference. Hashtags are a great tool, but #don’t #overuse #them, #because #it’s #silly.

Remember: Social media is what you make of it. There is no right or wrong approach. Have fun!

For more tips and best practices for using social media, check out ASSE’s Guide to Social Media.