The Role of Social Media in OSH

social_mediaSocial media is ever-present these days, whether it’s checking Facebook, sending a tweet or connecting with professionals and groups through LinkedIn. But these services can also be a valuable tool in the world of OSH for a variety of reasons.

These type of platforms are a great resource for up-to-the-minute news in safety and health, as well as a place to find out about upcoming events or seminars. Social media can also provide information about how where to get credits and certification.

They perform as the best source to get up-to-the-minute information about new OSHA standards and updated training materials when they are needed. Sites like these have has the ability to connect safety professionals with their counterparts across the world, with the ability to showcase success stories in their area and provide the opportunity to discuss areas of improvement in countries that struggle with safety and health.

While safety and health is absolutely a serious issue, social media has the flexibility to be fun. There are many ways to weave in pop culture, current events or trends into a discussion to create a greater understanding of a specific issue or simply to increase your network.