U.S. TAG Makes Progress on ISO 45001 DIS

The U.S. TAG on ISO 45001 met Feb. 22-26 at ISN headquarters in Dallas, TX. The meeting brought together thought leaders from nearly 50 U.S. organizations with the goal of addressing comments received to the draft international standard (DIS) and developing the U.S. position for the upcoming ISO meeting this June.

According to 2015-16 ASSE President Michael Belcher, CSP, while the task of reviewing all the comments is not an easy one, the thorough vetting will result in a standard that delivers much-needed guidance to companies worldwide. “ASSE is proud to lead the TAG efforts on behalf of ANSI as we work toward a new international standard on occupational health and safety management systems,” he says.

U.S. TAG Vice Chair Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CFIOSH, EurOSHM, points to the global significance of the group’s work. “The work of U.S. TAG to ISO 45001 is positioning the U.S. to influence the development of [this] standard,” she states. “Translated, this means the U.S. has the ability to impact workplace safety and health in organizations and their supply chains around the world.”

The meeting was held at ISN headquarters in Dallas, TX. “We can’t thank ISN enough for the organization’s generous support as both a contributing member on our U.S. committee on the development of the ISO 45001 standard and as host,” says TAG Chair Vic Toy, CSP, CIH. “In addition to the support, the thoughts the ISN representatives have shared in the uses of this international standard managing the safety and sustainability of contractors on a global level is visionary.”

Both ASSE and ANSI see ISO 45001 as one of the most significant safety and health standards in decades. Toy agrees: “It provides the path toward effective management of the health and safety of our workers here and around the world,” he says.

Be sure to visit ASSE’s ​dedicated ISO 45001 resources website for more information. You may also be interested in ASSE’s upcoming virtual symposium, The Rise of a Global Safety Management Standard – Getting Prepared for ISO 45001.

U.S. TAG members at ISN headquarters in Dallas, TX
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