Wayne Jones: 1,005 Members Recruited & Counting

Wayne Jones, Ed.D., gives new meaning to the title “top recruiter.” A professional member of ASSE’s Southwest Chapter and chair of the OSH program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University (SOSU), Jones recently became the first-ever ASSE member to recruit more than 1,000 colleagues to join the Society.

Jones has been recruiting new members since he joined ASSE in 1998. He credits Bob Semonisck, his first boss at SOSU, for introducing him to ASSE. “He’s an ASSE Fellow, so he was all ASSE from the get-go,” Jones says. “I figured if ASSE had him wound up, I needed to be a part of it. I credit Bob with everything that I have going on right now. He walked, lived and breathed ASSE. That’s really what got me in.”

Jones sees recruiting new members as a way to give back while helping the Society grow. “The more numbers we get the better,” he says. “I want 100,000 members because there is strength in numbers.” He has a straightforward formula for making that happen: Each current member needs to refer just one person, and the Society will double in size. “Wouldn’t it be twice as awesome if ASSE were twice as big as it is right now? Can you imagine the impact we could have? ASSE does great work with 37,000 members. What could it do with nearly 80,000 members?”

Referring new members is easy. Visit ASSE’s Member-Get-a-Member web page to learn more. Read more about Wayne Jones on the EHS Works blog.