Women in Safety Engineering Offers Mentoring Program

ASSE’s Women In Safety Engineering (WISE) Common Interest Group offers a mentoring program through which experienced safety professionals help new or potential safety professionals understand the profession and pursue certifications. The program aims to encourage and empower women to identify and develop skills to more effectively advance their careers.

If you are an SH&E professional who is changing careers, working toward a professional certification, is new to the industry or is returning to the workforce or seeking new knowledge, you are an ideal candidate to be paired with a mentor. If you are a practitioner with field experience, have negotiated career changes, or have left and returned to work, you are an ideal candidate to be a mentor. Program matches are made in March and September each year, and the mentoring relationships continue for 1 year. According to WISE, the interaction is driven by the mentee, beginning with identification of her goals. The expectation is that the two parties will have regular meetings, phone calls or e-mails throughout the year.

To learn more, contact a member of the WISE Mentoring Committee:

Megan Houck • (229) 522-2822, ext. 209

Lesli Johnson • (503) 294-5494

Jessica Morales • (248) 391-8442

Louise Vallee • (908) 763-5573

Cindy Roth • (516) 682-8558, ext. 21